If a quote said it all…

NHBPM Day 2 – “Find a quote and use it as inspiration.











I saw this a few months back and it resonated to the very fibre of my being…to the core of my soul.

I’ve struggled all day to figure out how to express what this means to me, and I’m having a buggernackle of a time doing so…

So, here it goes:

I strive to live a virtuous life.

I am my deeds.

I strive to augment my worth in the eyes of my family and community.

No matter the sacrifice, I give.

I try without fear of failure, because I’m already more successful than the person who won’t try at all.

I’m not perfect.

I’m just perfectly me.

4 responses to “If a quote said it all…

  1. I gave up on this years ago. People well believe anything they want.

    • While I do agree with the underlying premise of “it shouldn’t matter what other people think of you”, I don’t believe this truly fits it’s intent.
      For example, if I were to hear something from someone that illustrated you in a different light than I perceive you (ie, negatively), I’ve already based my perceptions on how you hold worth to my virtues. I can assure you…I wouldn’t believe them. 😉

  2. I wouldn’t believe it if anyone said anything bad about you.

    • That means much more than you know. It validates the things I try to do to make myself a good person of good standing. I verily believe in myself, and I live in the manner which I see fit for me, my family and our values. What another person perceives is merely a gauge on how well I’ve been successful in my endeavours 😉 xox

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