My Oraculum…

Do you know what happened on March 28th, 2011??
It was a Monday. Generally, I loathe Tuesdays (we are no longer BFF’s), so Mondays are usually pretty non-descript. Generic. Standard. Ordinary.
Not said Monday.
It’s funny, though…I actually had to go flip through my Oraculum this morn’ in order to see how long ago it really was.
As of right NOW:
99 days, 2 hours, 43 minutes & 46 seconds
That’s how long it’s been since Monday, March 28th, 2011.
It passed by relatively quietly. I didn’t speak of it to anyone…not even to my beloved.
I didn’t think much of it at the time…but as time, indeed, does pass…it’s importance grows.
“You have not smoked 1,486 cigarettes since then, and you have saved a total of $722.54.”
I OWN myself. I can be the only one held accountable for my actions and reactions.
I also love control. (There, I said it.)
So, tomorrow marks my 100 days. I will celebrate! There will be…*ponders*…brownies! Or, cupcakes! Or, bling! And it will be FRABJOUS!
And I, even in my lupus flare/fibro-restricted spazmodic epileptic-cow kind of way…will futterwacken! Vigorously!!
Because…out of all the eleventy-billion things wrong with me that I cannot control…this is one in which I can
Because on Monday, March 28th, 20011, I chose to drive past the convenience store and, in effect, slay my own Jabberwocky.

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  1. Nice reference! Might just have to slay my own Jabberwocky…

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