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Lupus Advocacy: It’s a Thing

Nailed it! \m/

Nailed it! \m/

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Interruptus.

It’s a thing.

Specifically, it’s a health thing within which I aim to take over the world.


But, Lupus Interrupted is here and it’s here because it’s necessary. Like, air. Or, chocolate.


Advocacy. Networking. Education. Publication.

It’s time for me to reflect and take stock of a blog that I had initially started for my family and friends to travel along with me during my made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life. A time to appreciate those whopping 23 people who read my very first blog post that very first day.

Lupus Interrupted has grown exponentially in a way that makes me both excited and anxious, all at the very same time. I spend more time hesitating before hitting the ”publish” button that writing, on occasion, wondering if people will connect with the words that represent my very soul along this journey of a mo-fo autoimmune disease.

It’s also time for Lupus Interrupted to grow just that lil’ bit more. I don’t know *exactly* how just yet…nope. But I’m going to. Because, in the chaos that is my reality, I’ve jumped into the Algonquin College Social Media program and certification. Because, I’m really that bat-shit crazy. And, because I can.

I am that determined to change the way world sees invisible disease and illnesses.

Why? Because 23 people read my very first blog post. It mattered. Since then, I’ve learned so much more about how people view chronic disease but, more importantly, I’ve learned so much more about ”Me.” in the realm of disease, advocacy and the ability to ensure that the people around me know that I have undertaken to personally blow the stereotype of being chronically ill out the window.

I want to learn new skills in order to overcome my social anxiety, even online, by pushing myself to connect more personally with other people trying to accomplish the very same things: 1) advocate, and 2) overcome the worry that they are the only ones out there trying to make a difference.

Then, after completion of the program, I hope (I really, really hope) I can offer consultation to others in their journey through social media in their own ”Big Picture” in order to thrive in a global village that isn’t just Six Degrees of Separation, but who are instantaneously connected through all of the media, all of the time.

Is this adding to my plate? Well, I suppose. It’s kind of like my closet…I keep forgetting to actually make other people take some of the “Everything.” off of it whilst I continue to keep on keepin’ on…and I end up with far too many things that I may or may not “wear eventually.”

Until then?

Bigger and better. Onward and upward.

Because I can.