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Purple Llama Studio: Masculine cards

I figured there’s really no better way to kick off a New Year than to haul my I’ve-earned-this-ass down to my studio to pop off a couple of cards.

When I craft, I don’t think. I’m tired of the doing of the thinking.

So, I’m really hoping that whereas I’d really lost my creative mo-jo in 2015, it comes back ten-fold in 2016.

I took an hour. I may just go back down in a bit and do some more. We’ll see. There’s an Indiana Jones movie marathon on right now and, well, Indiana. 😉

I prolly shoulda cleaned up from the doing of the crafting…but this is my studio:

IMG_1330 IMG_1329 IMG_1328


















For my first project of the year…just a couple of quick masculine cards!

What are some of your creative endeavours for 2016? Let me know in the comments! \m/

This is for the boys...using CTMH products

This is for the boys…using CTMH products