Wallet? Check. Eyebrows? Check.

We all have our habits prior to leaving the house…whether it’s to fly out in a flurry of outerwear, check that the oven is off or to turn off all of the lights.



I make sure my eyebrows are done.


Last fall I finally sucked it up and went to my local beauty boutique with what ailed me…eyebrows that aren’t just sparse from overpluck-age when I was a teenager, but are nearly non-existent due to lupus.

(Read about “Hair Loss and Lupus”, from About.com: http://lupus.about.com/od/signsandsymptoms/a/Alopecia.htm)

As in, I likely only need my two hands to count how many follicles I have on each side. 🙁

So, I entered, I sat and I left…much poorer in the pocketbook and much richer in the esteem.  They taught me a new skill that would improve my appearance, thus my self-esteem would step up right alongside.  (note: the girl made me look like a goddamn gorilla…but I went home and did what every woman with a bad haircut does…started from scratch)

Dude, you thought I don’t leave the house without makeup?

1. Wallet

2. Keys

3. Eyebrows.

My question to you is….


Favourite gloves?  Particular purse? Lip balm? Mp3 player?

Eyebrows? 😉

5 responses to “Wallet? Check. Eyebrows? Check.

  1. I don’t know… cause at some point I have left the house with anything I would name. Wallet, phone, lip gloss, water, sunglasses, and yes several times keys. I seriously need a list by the door and have no idea why I have never put one there…. oh wait, cause I just forget to look at sticky notes on the door, take things hanging on the doorknob to come with me, or on the floor by the door. I don’t know how I get anywhere or get anything done 🙂

    • I even have a dry-erase little board, fun-shaped flower at that, at the front door. Dunno where the marker went to. Never remember to look at it, either…sheesh…and my keys hang right freakin’ beside it!! LOL 😉

  2. Yeah for you! What a difference eye brows make and I’m glad you did this for yourself. Why is that store make-up artists always have to take every make-up application to the max?!? I always tell them to use a “light hand” and I still look like I’m painted up for a 1970s disco when they’re done 😉

    Me, I suppose I won’t leave the house without under eye concealer to hid the dark circles from fatigue. And my wrist guards– Those are a biggie especially if I need to carry anything.

  3. I’ve had a couple of hair falls – but mostly what I have is extra hair from prednisolone. So I not only have eyebrows, but a moustache and sideburns as well. I go through a lot of wax!

    What to I never leave the house without? Depends on how bad “brain fog” is…. I’ve pretty much lost everything it’s impossible to do without!

  4. if your looking for things for your eye brows. My Drag queen friend uses eye brow shapes fromt he internet, She prints them out and stencils them on. they can be outrageous to simple.


    its easy and can look quite snazy without paying a fuck ton of money. love ya

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